Greer Glasser on passion, adventure, and living in 23 feet

Beneath my practical, “Do what your dad says, get a job and work hard to get ahead” exterior, I’ve always felt the urge to take risks, act on impulse and live freely. You could say there is a sort of discrepancy going on, a battle between my mind and body, between practical and unfettered, that has left me fumbling for direction and wondering, “What is my passion?”

My life’s passion…something I thought I would’ve figured out by now. I mean, isn’t that what college was for? Did I miss something? I admire friends who have direction, who know without doubt what they want to do in life.

When Allie invited me to venture out into the world in 23 feet of aluminum and help produce a documentary about pursuing your passion, I felt like she was asking me to finally give up on my soul’s game of hide-and-seek. I was scared. But if I’ve learned anything from those who I admire, those with purpose and fire in their convictions, it’s that we only begin to see our true potential when we take a leap of faith.

On the road I had time for reflection, to become inspired by incredible people, and to see the bigger picture. I realized that I was living with one focus and one focus only… me. The funny thing is that as soon as I let go of the reins and stopped trying to control every event in my life, I finally began to understand myself. I stopped trying to swim upstream and gained a new sense of awareness for the space around me. I learned that when you let things happen, when you open your mind to inspiration and seize opportunities to experience new ways of living life, your passion suddenly becomes living your life.

I still may not have a clear direction, and there are many of us out there who never will, but life is full of endless possibilities and I, for one, am ravenous for it.


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