Dirtbag Diaries: The Shorts — Yosemite’s Next Top Idol

We do love dirtbags… Here’s a little excerpt from our friends over at Dirtbag Diaries.

“Yosemite has always been a crucible of hard climbing and big egos. Every year the sport’s stars, die-hard dirtbags and hungry youngsters flock here to throw themselves at the big stone. Only the great will become legend. There is Surfer Bob, Mr. Magoo and Platinum Rob. James Lucas had dreams of rock stardom. He wanted to cast a shadow longer than El Cap. He wanted to live forever in camp fire conversation. He wanted to be Yosemite’s Next Top Idol. What would it take? He would have to chisel his body into a granite monolith, learn to suffer through storms and develop swagger. He turned to the legends for advice and they welcomed him with open arms. Turns out nobody can resist sandbagging a young hungry climber.”

Click here to listen!

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